Non-Fungible Soup

A Warhol-Inspired NFT

Behind Warhol's bright colors and iconic imagery was a new approach to art. Warhol used an industrial process, silkscreening. No need for time consuming prep-work. Set the screen, push the ink, and BOOM! Art.

Far from toiling away in solitude, Andy's studio was a 'factory' where he explored endless repetition and variation. His work is an early example of generative art. The penultimate of which are soup cans.

There's no doubt Warhol would have loved NFTs.

Non-Fungible Soup will be available to view and trade on OpenSea.

“The idea is not to live forever; it's to create something that will.”

-Andy Warhol

Soup Cans?

NFT art faces a lot of the same questions that Warhol's faced.

In both series of more than 50 printed soup cans, nothing changed but the colors or soup type. People asked, 'how is this art?'

There are no brush strokes, no splats. It's a screenprint, and really didn't look like a painting. It wasn't even all that original. And yet they're now an icon of 20th-century art.

10,000 digital apes seems eerily like the 2021 version of 50 soup cans or 100 Marilyns.

“I don't know where the artificial stops and the real starts.”

-Andy Warhol

What are Non-Fungible Soups?

Non-Fungible Soup is a Warhol-inspired NFT PFP project by Art101. Mint any of the 2,048 unique 'tokenized' NFT soups at random. No starting index or editing metadata post-mint.

View the entire collection before minting, provenance is pre-set. Non-Fungible Soups are native vectors, and created with svg_stack. (A PNG hash is also included for each can.)

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Provably Rare

Non-Fungible Soup consists of 2048 provably-rare cans of soup. They are pinned to the blockchain as infinitely scalable vector graphics.

High Fidelity

Non-Fungible Soups are a high-fidelity homage of Andy Warhol's Soup Cans by Cartyisme. In keeping with the originals style and pallette.


Non-Fungible Soup is created by Patrn LLC. The same people behind Good Boi Society. It's developed by a group of artists, coders, and patrons. Former moonbois turned NFT enthusiasts.

Visit for more of our art history-inspired follow-ups to Non-Fungible Soup.


Cartyisme is a traditionalist turned NFT artist. He's been posting his original art online for over a decade.


lza_menace is a consistent contributor to multiple crypto-projects and a Wownero core developer.


jwinterm is a staple of the crypto-community and an art patron. He's also the CEO of Wownero.

“Art is what you can get away with.”

-Andy Warhol